Valve Sizing Program

Control Valve Sizing and Selection Software

A valve sizing program for control valve manufacturers, customised to your requirements.

We will brand our control valve sizing and selection software to your company, put your products into the menus, and put the technical details of your valves and actuators into the calculations. The program will then work for you to help your employees and agents rapidly produce accurate quotations with detailed specification sheets and prices, respond quickly to enquiries, and impress your customers.

Developed and refined for many years by Millstream Software our valve sizing program is designed specifically for control valve manufacturers to size and select their own range of control valves and actuators, and efficiently produce accurate quotations. We will modify the program to meet your requirements, for example by creating specification sheets in your preferred format or by adding your own trim calculations. The program is in live use at several prestigious valve manufacturing companies, and hundreds of detailed improvements have been made to the program in response to their feedback. Millstream Software will be continuing this process of incremental improvements to maximise your employee efficiency and to support your new business and engineering requirements.

Technical Overview

An annotated screen-shot of the Valve Sizing Program. This screen-shot shows the Valve page 
          with menus where the inlet and outlet pipe and a control valve have been selected. The fluid 
          and process conditions have been entered and the calculation results are displaying the 
          cavitation, noise and required capacity.

Contact Us

Please address all correspondence to :
Richard Kelsall, Millstream Software, 21A Market Place, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8DD.